Bird Vegetable Jungle Day
Concepts come alive at Kohinoor Blossomss

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand". Confucius

At Kohinoor Blossomss, the concepts enrichment days were truly a mesmerizing experience that the students will remember for many days to come.

The special days planned were:
Nursery - Vegetable and Flower Market
Jr. Kg - Birds
Sr. Kg - Jungle Safari

Vegetables and Flower Market
The Nursery classroom was converted to a market with farm fresh vegetables and flowers up for sale by our little vegetable vendors and florists. The shopping experience was made realistic by giving them play currency notes. A traditional weighing scale made out of paper plates caught the fancy of our little Bhajiwalas who were curiously trying to balance and weigh the vegetables. The scene was that of an actual busy vegetable market where the Navari clad little girls and the moustache painted and Gamcha adorning boys moved around in the room calling out aloud ‘Bhaji le lo…. Sasti aur tazi bhaji le lo……’. We couldn’t but miss our Purple Brinjal Bhajiwala who diligently made efforts to sell his Brinjals. Amidst all this chaos the florists too made their presence felt by singing rhymes like ‘Roses are red….” so as to get the attention of the visitors.

The chirping of birds echoed in the Kohinoor Blossoms (KB) corridors where a bird park replica came alive in the classroom with our little birdies flapping their wings and enchanting everyone. There were different types of nests made out of dried leaves, hay and straw with eggs in it.   Students interacted with real parrots and love birds as well. There was an audio visual presentation which took them by surprise and by the end of it they were all swaying to the tunes of Rio. Everything about the life of birds starting from what they eat to where they live and fun facts were vividly portrayed.

Jungle Safari
We enter the enchanting world of animals and wildlife jungle safari put up together by our eldest batch of Kohinoor Blossoms (KB) - students.
The indoor play area was transformed into a mini jungle with creepers, plants and trees.
The entrance resembled to that of a cave covered with creepers. But this was only the beginning of many more surprises which were to come. There was a puppet theatre, a jungle library for our little animals to read, fun facts about different animals and a large den where lots of animal soft toys were displayed. The teachers enacted the story of Lion and the mouse following which all the students danced on the tunes of ‘Jungle Jungle Baat chali hai…..’.

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