Best Pals Day
‘Side by side or miles apart, friends are forever close to your Heart’.

‘Best Pals Day’ was celebrated at Kohinoor Blossoms where in all classrooms were transformed into interactive friend zones giving every child an opportunity to make a new buddy.

According to the Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner, Inter personal Intelligence is one of the 8 intelligences which can be honed by teaching through group activities.

Children from all across the grades intermingled with each other. This was aimed at developing a sense of community and to enhance their social and Interpersonal Skills.

Every class planned fun filled and creative activities for their buddies from the other classes. Rhymes, Songs, Drama, Yogasanas, Laughter buddies, special take backs, traffic safety rules, etc….were planned out meticulously to make this day a very memorable one.

It is very imperative that we as educationists create an atmosphere which stimulates to provide friendliness, respect, responsibility and build self esteem.

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