Chairman & Managing Director

Unmesh Joshi
Chairman & Managing Director
Kohinoor Group

Teaching is learning

To see the light of knowledge in a child’s eyes is one of the greatest joys of the teaching profession. At Kohinoor Blossoms, we see that light in the youngest children and we know that wherever life takes them in the future, the gift of knowledge will be a beacon, taking them forward, helping them win. But, more importantly, enabling them to become better human beings.

We are proud that we can make the best resources available to our children so that they can have fun while they learn. The latest techniques used around the world are available to them so they can develop a lifelong love of learning. But no resource, no technique, can equal the dedication of the teacher. And at Kohinoor Blossoms we are particularly fortunate to have a group of teachers passionate about teaching. They help open a whole new world for children at the very threshold of their lives.

For me, personally, teaching is learning. As I see the young children coming to school everyday and watch them grow, I learn from them. Their curiosity, their sense of wonder, their joy of living, teaches us what a privilege it is to live in this wonderful world. 


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