Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Kohinoor Blossoms 4th Annual Sport Day
Kohinoor Blossoms 4th Annual Sport Day Kohinoor Blossoms 4th Annual Sports Day was held on December 12, 2013 at the Kohinoor Sports ground. It was a treat to see our tiny tots participate with such zeal and zest. The different classes had chosen a theme based on which the races were planned. The themes ranged from Halloween to Christmas to Sports and many more... The event began with the sports pledge followed by a wonderful display of drill exercises by all students. When the races began, it was amazing to see our little competitors run to the finish line. The incessant cheering of the staff and parents added the zing till the end. The emphasis was on the joy of participation where every child felt like a winner. A participation certificate was given to all the children, which they proudly exhibited to their parents. The day ended with our National Anthem and left the children and parents wanting for more.

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