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Latest Events

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrates Shivaji Jayanti 2017

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrates Holi 2017

Kohinoor Blossoms Hindi Diwas 2017-18

Light - O - Fest

Kohinoor Blossoms Guru Purnima 2017-18

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Mud Day 2016 - 17

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Parent Curriculum Meeting 2016 - 17

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Yoga Day

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Project Day - Nursery

Kohinoor Blossoms Ganesh Chaturthi 2017-18

Kohinoor Blossoms Yoga Day 2017-18

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate My Music My World

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Project Day - Jr.KG

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Guru Pornima 2016 - 17

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Project Day - Sr.KG

Kohinoor Blossoms Pateti 2017 -18

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Republic Day 2016

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Makar Sankranti 2016

Kohinoor Blossoms Scare Crow 2017-18

Kohinoor Blossoms Independence Day 2017- 18

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Independence Day Kalam sir

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

Kohinoor Blossoms Orientation Program

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates International Thank You Day

Kohinoor Blossom Playgroup celebrates Pink Day

Kohinoor Blossoms Fun Streets

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Yoga Day 2016-17

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Annual Day 2016-17 (Tunes & Tales)

Kohinoor Blossoms Swachh Abhiyaan

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Kohinoor Blossoms 4th Annual Sport Day

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Diwali Light a Smile

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Desh Prem Diwas 2016

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Ganesh Chathurti 2016

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Hindi Diwas 2016

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Project Day 2016

Kohinoor Blossoms Celebrate Play Group - Under the tent with wild animals

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Children's Day

Kohinoor Blossom Field Trip- Sr.KG.-Nehru Planetarium

Kohinoor Blossom Nursery - Transport and Safety Guidelines -2016

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Guru Pournima

Kohinoor Blossoms Buddy Day

Kohinoor Blossoms Earth Hour

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Self Defence : The Power Within

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Water less Holi

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Eid Celebration 2016-17

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Janmashtami 2016

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Independence day 2016

Kohinoor Blossom Celebrates Fathers Day 2016

Kohinoor Blossoms Hindi Diwas Poems 2017-18
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top Primary schools in mumbai Best Primary Schools in Kurla
About Us

Kohinoor Blossoms started operations in June 2010 with classes from Nursery to Sr KG. Our spacious classrooms provide a comfortable sitting arrangement for 27 children. Two appropriately qualified teachers and a governess in every classroom ensure personal attention given to each and every child.

Contact Us
Kohinoor Blossoms
(Kohinoor Education Trust)

Kohinoor Education Complex,
Kohinoor City, Near Kohinoor Hospital, Kirol Road,
Off L.B.S. Road, Vidyavihar/Kurla (West),
Mumbai – 400 070

Phone: 022-6788 7770

E-mail: info@kohinoorblossoms.ac.in

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