Independence Day
I am an Indian Just like You!!! Patriotic fervor was very prominent in all the classrooms of Kohinoor Blossoms. The different states of India with vivid cultures came alive at Kohinoor Blossoms. The senior Kg made a short film about the national symbols and states of India. Unity in diversity was beautifully expressed in a dance form emphasizing on the fact that I am an Indian just like you. The euphoric moment of the celebration was when each child was given the opportunity to ramp walk and wave out to their friend’s. The entire team of Teachers participated with great enthusiasm by dressing up in their ethnic best. The little Indians proudly marched back to their classrooms saying Jai Hind!!!!

Junior Kg Soldiers
The junior kg class had soldiers singing Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon and were dressed like our great freedom fighters.

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