Safety Week

Safety begins with me

Kohinoor Blossom children incorporated a safety week, where they were introduced to the various aspects of safety. Charts on safety, audiovisuals, safety signs, practical demonstrations etc. were all a part of the learning process.

Safety at home: Children were introduced to the day to day safety measures like not to play near the cooking area, not to touch the electric sockets/appliances with wet hands, to avoid leaning while looking out of the balcony, etc. These were explained by means of charts.

Safety on roads: ‘Turn left, turn right and turn left again’ was the mantra to teach our little pedestrians to cross the road safely. A huge replica of the zebra crossing was made and spread out on the road outside our school premises for practical demonstration.

Visit to the fire station: The students of KB visited the fire station and were thrilled to see the firemen in their uniform and all their equipment. They were excited as they wore the helmets and the safety glasses. The children not only saw the fire safety equipment but also saw the detailed mock drill of the firemen. All the students were in admiration of the various demonstrations shown. For eg. How do the firemen climb fast on the triple ladder?... How do they rescue people who are unconscious?... How does the water hose carry water to the top most floor?... How does the fireman protect himself from the hazardous fumes?... And many more…..  Their first hand experience at the fire station has surely been etched in their memory and will always be remembered by them.

Thus by the end of the week, our tiny tots are now fully aware of the safety precautions that they need to take, be it their home, school or on the road. Unanimously they say ‘Safety Begins With Me’.


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