Swachh Kohinoor Blossoms
Young green crusaders of Kohinoor Blossoms undertook green practices for the month of March and set an example for all of us to get inspired by their contagious enthusiasm to create a happy green world. Students of Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG actively participated in age appropriate activities which opened out various possibilities for environmentally sustainable practices which can be very easily incorporated in our daily lives.

Students of Nursery learnt about the segregation of dry and wet waste which categorizes under biodegradable and non bio degradable articles. They dressed up in costumes made of paper, plastic, plants, etc and went to the other classes singing rhymes to promote the use of cloth bags.

Our Junior Kg children were shown an audio visual presentation on how they need to take care of all living things be it as big as an elephant or as small as an ant. They happily colored the globe of an earth and lovingly put a band aid over it to pledge their healing touch. They enjoyed the newspaper relay and were fascinated by the penguin dustbins.

Students of Senior KG too explored the various possibilities that can happen to our waste when we compost it. They experimented with plastic and vegetable peels and learnt the effects of composting on both the mediums. Activities included making best out of waste and cleaning the campus. Keeping in touch with the current environmental scenario, they also did a signature campaign ‘Save Aarey’.

Parents too involved themselves actively and supported the green cause.
All our Swachh Kohinoor Blossomites took home a plant friend to nurture and care for everyday.

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