Children Need Attention!!!
Children Need Attention!!!
V. BajajPosted by V. Bajaj Posted On 2018-02-15

Are we there to give it? Or else be prepared to lose them to other unnecessary external influences.

‘Children need attention , plain and simple !!!’

If we are unable or unprepared to give positive attention to them they (child)will seek it from outside.

Life is busy for every adult who takes responsibilities for self and family. But by doing so we get stuck in the rat race of power , ego and money . This keeps us away from the people that mean, most to us .

10 minutes once or twice in a day with each child , playing a game they like or talking about family values that mean much to you, will help shape the child’s personality and make him or her more confident

I would like to share some personal ideas / tips with parents—

  • Give at least 5-10 minutes daily quality time to your child: Asking them general questions and moving to specific questions in relation to the days events/values and emotions experienced.
  • Parents can also give 2-3 options of how to solve common issues that will help them understand your expectations and thereby make them more confident.
  • Help create rules to shape their behavior. By setting rules that help them understand their role and expectations and thus making the child feel appreciated for following through with the rules and also making them feel more confident and secure.
  • Make sure children and all members of the family understand the consequences for the child who does not follow the rules. If we stick by these consequences and rules consistently , the child will automatically learn to make correct decisions ( in accordance to you, the parent)

I often hear parents sharing their concern about not being able to monitor and correct the child at the appropriate time. I always request parents to spend more time with children . They need role models that they can emulate. So when we talk, play, help them one to one, we are actually showing them through our actions, what and how to act and react to our environment. Be firm, give attention, set rules and build boundaries because when you (parent) do that, I can reassure you that you will be teaching them (child) to conduct themselves’ with confidence.

Parenting is not easy and will never be but knowing few tips , that will never let you down, can always help create happiness and great memories.

Happy parenting!!!