The Warrior Within
How Much is too Much
Karishma RoheraPosted by Karishma Rohera Posted On 13-12-2021

‘Change is the only Constant’ -Heraclitus

Above is one famous quote that all of us believe in, especially in the current scenario. The Covid-19 pandemic changed our lives completely. Not even in our wildest dreams had we ever imagined a situation like this where our country and the entire world would be encountered with a pandemic of this scale and nature. An invisible enemy,about whom we are still learning. Valuable information and guidelines issuedby the various health organizationstry to help us prepare us for these unprecedented times. But no amount of preparation seems to be enough for this unprecedented crisis.

Our jobs, transportation, education system and overall lifestyles;everything has changed. Theworldwide lockdowns created enormous uncertainties, thus encompassing us to rely upon our own defensemechanisms. Basic survival instincts carved out a warrior within us, alluring us to do what it takes to safe guard ourselves, our families and most importantly our children.

Parents being the first Gurus have enthusiastically added another feather to their caps, that of being ‘Home Teachers’. Team Kohinoor Blossoms along with the support of our parents is determined to capitalize on providing an e nriching simulative environment to ensure that learning continues for our children through ‘Home Play Programs’ and ‘On-Line sessions’.

It was a challenging task to unlearn and then learn the new methodologies of digital teaching.However, with their zeal for teaching, the entire team designed an integrated learning plan.

Our youngest warriors being at home under the care and protection of their families were overjoyed to connect with their teachers and were ready to learn through a different mode altogether.

The last one year has been a learning curve for all of us at KB. In spite of being restricted to the virtual mode of schooling, Kohinoor Blossoms left no stone unturned to ensure that their children were engaged in constructive and meaningful learning experiences. Not only were the academic sessions conducted online but a large amount of time was dedicated to the informal set-ups which aimed at physical, social, emotional and mental well-being of the children and their families.

Celebrations at KB continued on the digital platform ranging from Independence Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Father’s Day and many more. Events like Sports Day and Annual Day, which require all to be present together in the physical space too were conducted online. The preparations for the Annual Day began months in advance with the initial ideation, conceptualization and storyline. Being online changed every aspect of the show. But team KB along with the unflinching support of their parents made it possible.

Regular interaction with parents created a safe space for them to help their children sail through these difficult times. Workshops like ‘Importance of Mental well-being’ were conducted. Robust communication between the school and parents proved to be the much-required foundation for effective functioning.

Looking ahead, we sincerely hope and pray that we overcome these overwhelming uncertainties and move towards a safer, cleaner, greener and healthier world.

Deepest gratitude for the all the unsung Covid Warriorswho have ensured that we and our families are safe.It is our endeavor to see that learning continues for our young learners even in these trying times.