Chairman - Kohinoor Group

Statrting school is a huge milestone in a child's life and equally big event for parents. The kindergarten years are an exciting and critical period in your child's development and growth

At Kohinoor Blossoms, we provide our children with a learning environment that nurture their spirit of enquiry and a culture that fosters their character growth. We spare no effort to ensure their overall development as good human beings. In fact, we complement your efforts to ensure that your child derives the maximum benefit from his\her education. As Helen Keller aptly said, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Along with my team at Kohinoor Blossoms, I look forward to partnering with you in th important role of charting the course of your child's wonderful journey in school and in life.

Unmesh Joshi

Chairman & Managing Director,
Kohinoor Group

Unmesh Joshi